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Elounda Beach Resort
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Elounda Beach Safe Stay Programme

Guest Experience

We recommend that all guests visit the hotel’s website before they arrive.

All Guests should use the hand sanitizer upon arrival. Appropriate on-screen inormation will explain the hotel’s sanitization and health program including physical distancing, elevator usage and use of sunbeds.

Check-in time: 15h00 Check-out time: 11h00 / to ensure there is suffi cient time to deep clean rooms for new guests.

Safe Spacing, guests should physically distance by at least 2m from other guests when standing at reception, elevators, or public areas around the hotel. Restaurant and lounge tables will be arranged to ensure physical distance is maintained.

Sanitizer contactless dispensers, will be placed at all hotel entrances and reception. Wall-mounted dispensers will be placed on room fl oors, meeting spaces, pool, the Spa & Gym room, and public WCs.

The doorman, will not open the doors of cars and cannot shake guests’ hands.

Key cards, will be sanitized using a UV light device and collected by guests on arrival.

Luggage will be sanitized using Electrostatic sanitizer, then delivered to the room. The doorman will sanitize the luggage trolley and buggy before using them again.

Rooms and villas will be sanitized and sealed before a new guest arrives.

All bed linen and towels will be washed at a high temperature and sanitized.

New QR code phone app, will enable guests to check-in, check out, and register for inhouse facilities such as spa & fi tness information, concierge services, and a contactless dining experience is available with our new online menus and services.

Hotel Guest Lift/Elevator, No more than one guest will be allowed to use the lift/elevator, and the button panels will be sanitized regularly. Please follow the guidelines on the signs to the letter before you use the lift/elevator.

Meeting spaces, meeting and banqueting arrangements will allow guests to physically distance at all meetings and event rooms, based on NPHO and state recommendations.

Our Doctor is available at any time for our guests for consultation and to provide thermal checks or medical services (optional).

Medical Kit, a complete medical kit has been collated according to Greek Government Guidelines, is available at the hotel’s Front Offi ce and Manager’s offi ce. The kit contains disinfectant wipes, face/eye masks, face shield, gloves, protective apron, full-length long-sleeved gown, and biohazard waste bag.

Credit or debit cards, we strongly recommend that guests pay by credit card.

Food & Beverage

Breakfast Buffet service is replaced by an alternative service tailored to guests’ needs, tastes and preferences. A pre-order option will be available and should be delivered to the concierge desk in the evening for breakfast the following morning or picked up by our staff from the guest’s door.

A new order form is provided when required.

The same table is reserved for guests throughout their stay.

Food & Beverage Outlets, sanitization will be increased throughout the day. A dedicated team will sanitize indoor and outdoor furniture every morning and at the end of the day.

Restaurant tables will be neatly laid out with the correct number of napkins, cutlery and glassware for individual reservations before guests arrive.

Bars accompaniments, such as nuts and snacks, will be served when guests arrive at their table in sealed portion.

Printed menus will be available on request only. A QR code at every table with an online menu can be accessed by guests using their mobile phone or tablet.

Digital menus, are also available using the hotel’s QR Code app.

Room service, When ordering room service it is highly recommended that guests state the table set up i.e. for lunch or dinner, how many diners, so that the staff can make the necessary arrangements and sanitization.
Guests will be advised when the order is ready for delivery. All plates will be covered. Trays and plates will be picked up when advised, and guests may choose to leave the room when trays and plates are collected (option).
There is currently no extra charge for room service.

Safe distancing, hosts and restaurant managers will ensure that guests maintain a safe physical distance when they arrive and dine in the restaurant. Families and groups travelling together will be kept 2m apart as advised by the NHPO. Bar stools will be kept 2m apart too.

Cleaning Products and Protocols, the hotel follows cleaning protocols which meet NPHO guidelines. All products are approved for use and effective against viruses, bacteria and other germs.

Indoor areas, all indoor lobby and restaurant areas will always be open to maintain fresh air circulation.

Trays and carts will be sanitized after each shift.

Public areas

Public spaces indoors & outdoors, all areas and surfaces that are frequently touched, will be regularly sanitized.

We recommend that all guests use their in-room WC.

Pool operation, swimming pool standards follow the new COVID-19 protocol. Sunbeds are sanitized after each use. Sunbeds and sun umbrellas can be reserved for the same guest throughout their stay. Individual towels are provided in a separate bag. A set of two lounge chairs will be positioned every 2.5m, in all directions.

A maximum of 20 guests can use the main outdoor swimming pool at the same time.

Sandy beach, the same protocol for pool operation is adopted for the sandy beach.

Beach and outdoor areas, sanitization will be increased throughout the day. A dedicated team will sanitize sunbeds and furniture every morning and at the end of the day.

Spa and Gym areas

Spa and massage sessions, Spa appointments must be booked in advance, with a maximum of one person per cabin.

Gym area, will be open by appointment only with a maximum of two people for each 1-hour time slot.

Both spa and gym areas will be thoroughly sanitized for 30 minutes after each appointment.


Guest Rooms, the highest standards of cleaning and sanitization will be carried out in each room by strictly following EPHO protocols. We pay special attention to high-touch items and surfaces such as telephones, remote controls, handles and switches.

There will be no in-room directories, magazines, notebooks or pens.

Linen/Laundry, as we offer a daily laundry and evening turndown service, all guests will be asked at check-in if they would like this service and their preferred time. Guests should vacate their room at this time, as recommended by the NPHO (Greece’s National Public Health Organization) guidelines.

Mini Bars, fully pre-stocked mini-bars are suspended, and guests have the option to order any items when they check-in or before they arrive. All mini-bar items are sanitized before they are refi lled.

All guest directory, information such as hotel facilities, in-room dining, restaurants experiences and concierge services are listed in the QR code app.

Electronic devices, such as remote controls will be wrapped with a one-use cover and sanitized.

Air Conditioning systems are checked by our engineers, sanitized and cleaned according to NPHO protocols.

Hotel Equipment, such as computers, telephones, POS, kitchen & service equipment, buggies, technicians and gardener’s tools and any other equipment used in the hotel, will be sanitized regularly.

"Elounda Beach Safe Stay" programme

"Elounda Beach Safe Stay", is an advanced health and safety program implemented by the hotel. It will ensure that all guests stay safe and that there is a safe working environment for all our employees and associates, using the latest technology, including Electrostatic Sprayers and Vapour Steam Cleaners.

Our Team

A dedicated team, led by a certifi ed manager, will run the health and safety program and all heads of department will receive intensive and detailed training on COVID-19 Health & Safety sanitization protocols. All teams are certifi ed by companies authorized to provide COVID-19 training programmes.

Training, all employees will be trained on COVID-19 safety and sanitization protocols.

Protection, all employees, according to their duties and department, will be provided with face masks, face shields, gloves, protective aprons, and full-length long-sleeved gowns.

Employees Meetings, the hotel’s operational meetings will be conducted remotely online.

Staff Thermal check, all employees will have daily thermal checks, and If any employee has a temperature of over 37C, they will be asked to stay at home until they are symptom-free.

Employees will be reminded not to touch their faces, keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 m away from guests and other employees whenever feasible.

Back of house

The sanitizing procedures will be increased in all areas, paying particular attention to employee entrances, rooms, staff canteen, changing rooms, restrooms, kitchen, and all offi ces.

A programme of sanitization will be implemented in these areas, carried out by a maximum of 3 people, to ensure they maintain a physical distance.

Health and safety standard reminders will be placed in critical zones of the hotel and on TV monitors to help communicate the ‘stay safe’ message. The standard will also be adopted in ‘back of house’ areas.

Floor signs about safe physical distancing will be at the reception areas.

All employees have been given clear instructions about responding promptly and reporting all cases of COVID-19 and will be instructed to stay at home if they do not feel well.

Suppliers Hygiene Protocol

Contractors and suppliers, of goods and services are approved and will follow similarly strict health & safety measures as the hotel.

Access to the hotel by suppliers and contractors is through a separate gate, to ensure they maintain a safe distance from hotel premises.

All goods, will be received by our store staff, who do not enter hotel premises. All goods are sanitized before delivery to all outlets, including the hotel restaurants, spa and gym.


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