Elounda Beach Resort
Elounda Beach Resort
Elounda Beach Resort
Elounda Beach Resort
Elounda Beach Resort
Elounda Beach Resort
Elounda Beach Resort


Any time of the day, treat yourself with a refreshing cocktail in the relaxing atmosphere of the Elounda Beach lounges.

Veghera Bar

Sitting at the bar, surrounded by sea, conjures a feeling of being on a glamorous private islet. Soothing atmospheric music, cocktails ranging from exotic to classic and a lively, friendly staff make Veghera the ideal spot to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail at sunset, or after-dinner drinks that might just continue into the early hours.

Lito Lounge

The Lito is the place to unwind and harmonize with your surroundings, along with live piano or harp music filling the air. Enjoy afternoon refreshments or savour evening drinks over a relaxed chat. Open until late into the night.

Neraida Pool Bar

Located next to the pool and named after the Greek word for 'fairy' for its light, dreamy design, Neraida serves a wide variety of fresh local and tropical fruit juices, sophisticated cocktails and fine wines.

Beach Bar

Located next to the Water Sports Club, this easy-going and accessible beach bar is perfect for a quick and tasty daytime snack or refreshing drink.


Elounda Beach
Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, 720 53 Elounda, Crete,Greece. Tel: +30 28410 63000, Fax: +30 28410 41373
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